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Screening Procedures

As an experienced staffing agency with a history of successful permanent searches and temporary job placement in the Providence, RI area. Spectra Temps® Inc. / Tracey & Associates understands the importance of being thorough and diligent throughout every step of the staffing process. That is why we have worked hard to develop and implement very stringent screening procedures. This allows our recruiters to accurately evaluate our candidates’ strengths and to ensure that only serious applicants move through the process before placement. Whether it is for a permanent or temporary position, the procedures we utilize are the same.


Interested candidates should first submit their resumes via email. They are then reviewed by our recruiters before an initial phone interview is conducted.

In-Person Interview:

Candidates submit an application with all experience and skills detailed. Our Spectra Temps® Inc. / Tracey & Associates staffing agency team then asks them a series of questions based on their unique experience and employment history. Our executive recruiters also discuss the applicant’s key personality characteristics and unique career goals.

Policies & Procedures / Testing:

As part of the in-person interview process, our executive recruiters review all policies and procedure forms with the candidate. They then administer a brief skills assessment, which is customized specifically to the open position. Testing may include: Microsoft Office skills, bookkeeping skill, word processing and data entry skills. In addition, all Federal W-4 and I-9 forms are submitted with two forms of valid identification as required by law. The candidate’s information is then immediately entered into our office database.

Candidate Placement:

When a job order comes in with specific criteria that matches a candidate in our database, the candidate is contacted and presented with all the job information. They are then given the opportunity to accept an interview if they are interested. At that time our staff conducts a telephone reference check. The candidate is then prepped prior to the interview and debriefed after the interview. Spectra Temps® Inc. / Tracey & Associates also conducts drug testing and credit checks upon request and at no charge, and we provide an employee orientation prior to beginning their new permanent career or temporary position.

Our Candidates are a Perfect Match

Spectra Temps® Inc. / Tracey & Associates chooses candidates with the skills you need to keep your business running smoothly. We utilize extensive in-person interviewing, skills testing, and referencing in order to deliver a qualified candidate to fill your position.

We Offer at No Charge to Our Candidates and Client Companies:

Criminal BCI

Educational Background Check

Employment Check

Local/ Immediate Drug Screens

Search Assignment

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